About me

My name is Chie. Born and raised in Kyoto, Japan, I worked for several AI startups prior to founding my own little tea brand. This is my story of a tea journey.

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In Japanese the word “kuguri” refers to a small door to a teahouse setup in a simple yet beautiful Japanese garden called roji. The garden pathway serves not only as a guide to the teahouse but also as a means to detach oneself from worldly desires, ideas, and the everyday cares of our lives.

Once you reach to a kuguri door, you take off weapons, fame or social class and enter into the small universe of serenity. KUGURI TEA aims to be the door for you to expand your inner peace, curiosity and imagination by providing a ritual of Japanese tea drinking. 

What is Japanese Tea? A Brief History

Evolved Over Centuries

Japanese tea's unique journey began in the 8th century when Buddhist monks who studied in China brought tea to Japan as medicine. Initially compressed tea leaves, it later evolved into powdered tea that’s similar to what we know as matcha today.

Zen monks embraced tea for meditation and medical practices and spread its culture across the country, captivating samurais who were searching for a way to keep their inner peace. Gradually, tea drinking culture gained prestige among feudal lords and merchants, with extremely expensive teaware showcasing wealth and power.

Inspiring Art and Connection

The ceremonial style of tea serving began to cherish simplicity and beauty in imperfection. Intertwined with zen philosophy, it inspired not only the way people connect in the tea room, but also the craftsmanship of accessories, interior designs, architecture, gardens, and how people enjoyed the ever-changing seasons of Mother Nature.

This tea serving style was defined as Wabi-Cha, and it is still practiced to this day. Not restricted to the elite, tea became beloved by all in Japan, even sold on streets for the common people. Over time, brewed tea, like sencha, gained popularity.

Experience a Moment of Warmth and Serenity

Sipped casually or formally, in solitude or to create connections, tea has attracted us throughout history. Whether you use it as a tool for a healthy lifestyle, a ritual to keep you grounded, a way to share with loved ones, KUGURi TEA exists to enable you to experience all of this (and more) with the best quality tea possible.

We hope you enjoy it.